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Customer Experience: Using Carbon Credits to Provide Clean Water

Key Points:

  • Carbon credits can be used to pay for LifeStraws, a water purification innovation.
  • By not having to boil water using petrol or wood fires, carbon credits are earned.
  • This solution provides clean water to those who cannot afford the expensive LifeStraws.

Exploring the Content:

In a brilliant example of addressing the critical issue of clean water for the underprivileged, Stefan Michel of IMD proposes using carbon credits to provide LifeStraws. Carbon credits are earned by not having to boil water using petrol or wood fires, thus reducing carbon emissions. LifeStraws, although highly effective in purifying water, can be quite expensive for people living in poverty.

Making use of carbon credits to pay for LifeStraws provides an innovative solution to this problem. Michel’s idea is to provide access to clean water for those who cannot afford LifeStraws by using the carbon credits earned through sustainable practices. By doing so, the financial burden on these individuals is greatly reduced, making LifeStraws accessible to a larger population.

As Michel summarizes, “LifeStraws is an innovation that can create value if used, and using carbon credits to pay for them is a win-win situation. It addresses the issue of clean water while also incentivizing sustainable practices.”

Our Experience:

This creative solution proposed by Stefan Michel highlights the power of customer-centric thinking when it comes to addressing critical societal issues. By leveraging carbon credits to pay for LifeStraws, not only is the financial barrier removed for those in need but it also encourages the adoption of sustainable practices. This approach demonstrates the potential for customer experience to drive positive change and provide innovative solutions that benefit both individuals and the environment.

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