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About Cartercarter



At CarterCarter we believe the customer should be at the forefront of our ideas, our creativity and define our success. It’s why since 2009 we’ve been helping businesses deliver quality customer experiences that make a difference. This is not as easy as knowing your brand or adopting a ‘customer is always right’ attitude. It’s about truly understanding the customer and their journey; from the first advert to the very last message.

CX is our focus

We turn people into customers, and customers into advocates. We create brands, websites and campaigns that help customers truly understand the value of your business.

The customer may be king, but they are a fickle king with a very short attention span. Together, let us get their attention.

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cx agency - why?

James Carter CEO / Founder

James launched Carter2 in 2009 with a simple goal – to put customers first. With 20 years of expertise in design, brand, marketing, communications, media strategies, social media management and strategic relationship management, James has consistently helped businesses grow through customer-centric thinking and devilish design.

From start-ups to some of the biggest organisations in the world, James has enabled businesses to increase their brand footprint, retain their customers and re-imagine their opportunities.

He’s worked with; Government, and numerous companies across private and public sectors.

Dom Youdan Creative Director

Dominic is an award-winning creative writer, director, composer and multi-instrumentalist. For over 15 years he has built a reputation delivering pioneering ideas to global brands including. He’s helped smaller challenger brands find their feet, empowered blue-chip brands to cement their position, and has been part of Cannes Lions, London International and One Show gold-winning campaigns.