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Customer Experience: When Personalisation Hurts Your Business

Key Points:

  • Personalisation can be impactful for businesses, but it can also have negative consequences if not executed properly.
  • Customers are wary of personalisation that feels invasive or creepy.
  • A balance must be struck between personalisation and privacy to ensure a positive customer experience.


In the age of data-driven marketing, personalisation has become a buzzword in the business world. Companies strive to provide tailored experiences to their customers, but sometimes, they miss the mark. This article outlines the potential pitfalls of personalisation and explores why it can go wrong when it comes to customer experience.

While personalisation has the potential to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is crucial to tread carefully. Customers appreciate when companies use their data to offer relevant recommendations or discounts. However, there is a fine line between personalisation and intrusion.

Customers are wary of personalisation that feels invasive or creepy. For instance, receiving an email that addresses them with incorrect personal details can be off-putting, or being bombarded with targeted ads that seem to know too much about their private lives. Businesses need to be mindful of the line between personalisation and privacy invasion, as stepping over it can damage customer trust and loyalty.

As Colette Vogele, a privacy lawyer, points out:

“Personalisation should be like a good waiter who anticipates your needs without becoming overly familiar or intrusive.”

Striking the right balance between personalisation and privacy is crucial. Businesses must be transparent about how they collect and use customer data, as well as provide options for customers to control their privacy settings. Giving customers the ability to opt-out of personalisation efforts can go a long way in building trust.

Our Experience:

Personalisation can be a powerful tool in creating a great customer experience, but businesses must handle it with care. Nobody likes feeling like their privacy has been invaded or being bombarded with information that feels too personal. It’s essential for companies to find the right balance between personalisation and privacy to ensure their customers feel comfortable and valued. Remember, just like a good waiter, personalisation should enhance the experience, not overshadow it.

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