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Customer Experience: AI and Personalisation

Key Points:

  • AI and personalisation can work together to enhance the customer experience.
  • AI can provide valuable insights and automate certain tasks, while personalisation adds a human touch.
  • Customers still value human interaction and emotional connection in their interactions with brands.

More Details:

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer experience management has raised concerns about the potential threat it poses to personalisation. However, there is a growing consensus that AI and personalisation can actually work in harmony to create better customer experiences.

AI has the ability to analyze large amounts of data and provide valuable insights that can help companies better understand their customers. It can also automate certain tasks, such as chatbots handling customer queries, which can improve efficiency and response times. On the other hand, personalisation adds a human touch to interactions, making customers feel valued and understood.

While AI can enhance personalisation efforts by providing data-driven recommendations, it is important to strike a balance. Building emotional connections and trust with customers still requires human interaction. As Lexie Duffield, a customer experience expert, puts it: “Personalisation is about making customers feel like they matter, and that can’t be achieved through AI alone. It requires genuine human engagement.”

Our Experience:

AI and personalisation can complement each other in the customer experience realm. While AI provides valuable insights and automates tasks, personalisation adds a human touch and emotional connection. Finding the right balance between the two is key to delivering exceptional customer experiences that make customers feel valued and understood.

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