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The Challenge

Finance Website Design happens to be one of our specialities. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Market Matters for a while. First, we optimised their marketing, then we changed their onboarding process to drastically improve conversions and customer retention. But, there was one thing we couldn’t wait to get our hands on — the website.

Market Matters delivers clear, insightful stock market commentary to its subscribers (DIY investors). In fact, their commentary is so good they’ve been able to grow their customer even though their website had become outdated and difficult to use (and don’t get us started on the CMS – Content Management System).

The challenge wasn’t just to update the website but to revolutionise it; to turn Market Matters from a dark horse into the leaders of the pack; to make the other investor tip sheets and asx commentaries feel obsolete.

We got to work.


Our Method

For this project — CX (Customer Experience), brand and UI (User interface Design) had to come together from the start. We had a unique opportunity to reimagine Market Matters; making the most of what they did well and amplifying their service through intelligent customer centred design.

We employed our ‘CX Sprint Methodology’ to rapidly define the brand and prototype the design. We reverse engineered a brief, developed a strategy and set about creating the vision:

The CX-Sprint Method

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A detailed brand review, interviewing key staff


Creating the brand and critical communication assets


Building wireframes following the customer’s journey


Implementing state of the art tech to deliver results

Customer Centric Design

Opinion + Action

The Magic

A clear point

of difference

Working with the Market Matters team and utilising our design thinking methodologies we were able to harness their service to create a clear point of difference, centred around the idea of ‘Opinion + Action’.

You see, Market Matters is much more than analysis — they’re also investors with real money in the markets. In short, they put their money where their mouth is.

We wanted to make this point of difference sing. How? By building this message into the
functionality of the site itself.


The Result?

Market Matters represents what can be achieved when an agency collaboratively works with a client. The site wouldn’t have been possible without their ambition or commitment. Many of the best ideas came from the Market Matters team — we just helped them to be realised.

Together, we were able to deliver a site, a brand and a point of difference that set Market Matters apart. But, most importantly, we were able to give DIY investors the service they’ve always deserved.

“We've been working with the Cartercarter team for the past 5 years, they have helped with our marketing and communications and they recently rebuilt the Market Matters website. The results speak for themselves, in our latest EOFY campaign our subscriptions sales were five times more than we usually get.”

Shawn HickmanMarket Matters


Increase in Ave. Session Duration


Increase In Online Sales


Increase in Leads Created
What do the users think?

Hi James and crew. I think the website is excellent.

GeofferyMarket Matters Customer

The new site looks great

DebbieMarket Matters Customer

I’m enjoying the new website. Thanks for the work to set it up

ShaneMarket Matters Customer

...your website , which I have found to be much more informative and easy to navigate, hence the fact that we have renewed our subscription because the advice received has paid for itself many times over

GavinMarket Matters Customer

You've done a great job with the new website and I look forward to seeing how it develops from the outside. The value it adds and how it operates exceeded my expectations so i'm sure the subscribers new and old will love it.

AdamMarket Matters Employee

Hi, it's the first time I've actually sat down and looked at your site and so I wanted to give you guys (figurative) a big round of applause. WOW, it's amazingly good and I say that from a place of hating bad websites with a passion. This site is impressive, not cluttered, with a font size I can actually read without expanding my scene and every question I have had in my mind has been answered easily because the screens all flow and make sense. A great little intro video as well which set me up for a positive look through.

ArthurMarket Matters Customer