Healthcare Website Design


Before we could build the brand, we had to reinvent the architecture.

The Challenge

Medcast is a leader in online healthcare education, as such their main point of contact with their customers is their educational healthcare website. But they had become a victim of their own success. A company that at first was dedicated to online medical education had become, through a series of creative partnership and acquisitions, a holistic education provider for healthcare professionals. The problem was that the branding, architecture, and CX (customer experience) hadn’t been able to keep up with the searing change. As a result, the clarity of the organisation had suffered.

Carter² needed to define an architecture that could evolve with Medcast’s business strategy and build a brand that could connect a series of education elements together.


Brand architecure and evolution

Where healthcare education meets excellence.

The Magic

The Brand/Communication

Through a series of brand sprints, the organisation’s architecture evolved significantly. Medcast became the umbrella brand with sub-brands making way for clear fields of study. Medcast was given a point of difference, built around the ‘Medcast benefit triangle’. It established the three aspects that make Medcast unique; its learnings, educators and technology. This benefit triangle could apply to all of Medcast’s different learning programs.

‘We’re the best in our field because our medical educators are the best in their field.’

‘We’ve streamlined the latest learnings so you can quickly learn exactly what you need.’

‘Be inspired - We only work with the best medical educators in Australia.’

Cartercarter helped position Medcast as the place for medical education; whether it was online or face-to-face.


The Design

With Medcast’s architecture and brand direction defined, it needed a User Interface to match. Following the atomic design principle, Carter² built a website that could be consistent throughout, while also establishing a clear navigation path for a variety of users. The site was flexible enough to evolve as Medcast grew and launched new initiatives. The logo was refreshed to match the new professional and distinctive design.

Medcast’s site was also optimised for SEO and customer onboarding, with communication driving design at several critical junctions. The new site was able to act as both an education hub and a clear call to action for first-time visitors.

What They’re Saying

Cartercarter were fantastic to work with. They guided us through a comprehensive brand planning exercise that helped us to clearly define and articulate the Medcast vision and mission. The process helped the whole team to come on board with the new brand architecture. The website design took the brand plan to the next level, integrating the messaging with a slick and easy to to platform.

Kate CluttonGeneral Manager